TESSÆ questions her desires in 3x Jolie

Autumn has arrived but it’s an extract from her latest EP Été that TESSÆ (Wagram Music) has decided to shoot. Directed by Luis Detailleur with whom the young 19-year-old artist had already collaborated on Salope, 3x Jolie energetically explores the ambiguous feelings of TESSÆ : girl or boy, the rapper explores her desires and hesitates! With a resolutely current message expressed sometimes by singing, sometimes by rapping, the young woman adopts an energetic flow and a subtle pen to speak of sexual identity. Harassment, violence and even sexism, TESSÆ stands out today as a true spokesperson for her generation, which is no longer afraid to attack the stereotypes anchored in our societies and to fight them in music. And since we see triple in this clip, our talented singer from Marseille has invited two guests to accompany her to stand for her ideas: Sindy, ex Team BS now Youtuber and Deujna, gamer who has much success on Twitch.

This summer TESSÆ created a buzz on the social network Tik Tok with her song Bling. Subsequently, her idea of ​​EPs divided into four to come out according to the mood of the four seasons was very much approved by her audience. The one who started with covers on Youtube and who has always been immersed in music (pianist but also guitarist, she’s been singing since she was 6 years old), today stands out as one of the rappers of the moment. After sharing the We Love Green scene with Booba, TESSÆ integrates French rap into her quirky universe where the ghosts of Billie Eilish and FKA Twigs are intertwined. We sure can’t wait for Autumn and Winter then!

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