The best indie albums of August

We know fall is right around the corner, but we couldn’t say bye-bye to summer without a roundup of our favourite indie albums out last month! So let’s rewind time a little bit, and discover below what we had to say about our favourite records out in August.

Glass Animals – Dreamland

After dropping hit after hit from their third album since late last year, Glass Animals (Polydor) finally released Dreamland at the beginning of August. The record is everything fans have come to expect: catchy, upbeat and psychedelic, in every note typical of the Oxford pop band’s style. It’s packed with great danceable beats and eargasm-worthy harmonies, only broken up by some weird home movie based interludes. In fact, the only issue about Dreamland is that fans could hear most of the album’s greatest moments well in advance of its release, as the singles are without a doubt the best songs on the record. Altogether, however, Dreamland is one of the best indie albums of the year so far.

Overall score: 7.5/10
Best songs: Your Love (Déjà Vu), It’s All So Incredibly Loud, Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Pvris – Use Me

Pvris’s (Warner) third record has been a long time coming. The album’s lead single Death of Me was released last July, followed by 3 more singles and a five-track EP. As a result, by the time Use Me got released on the 28th of August after several delays, fans have had plenty of time to listen to 5 songs off the 11-track album over and over again (at least that’s what we did!). These songs, including the daring rock hits Gimme a Minute and Dead Weight as well as the beautiful Old Wounds, created expectations so high that the record couldn’t live up to them. Don’t get us wrong, Use Me is a great album that’s packed with strong emotions, clever lyrics and with Pvris‘ alternative rock signature, but the singles are so mind-blowingly great that we simply expected better.

Overall score: 7/10
Best songs: Gimme a Minute, Dead Weight, Old Wounds

The Score – Carry On

American indie rock duo The Score (Republic) has been on our radar for a while with their Imagine Dragons-esque style and their hit-packed discography. However, their sophomore album got so little promotion that we only found out that it was coming on the day of its release. It turned out to be a great album nevertheless: featuring the catchy rock tunes we’ve come to expect from the band, supported by some great collaborations and amazing production. While lyrically it’s a bit plain, we definitely recommend Carry On to anyone who likes or has ever liked Imagine Dragons and to those looking for a new kick-ass indie album to get hooked on.

Overall score: 8/10
Best songs: Carry On (feat. AWOLNATION), Comeback, Stronger

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