The mastermind behind Tame Impala strikes again with The Slow Rush


The Slow Rush, three words that allow us to guess the theme of the new Tame Impala’s (Caroline) album before we even get to hear the very first notes. 

Time. Tame Impala’s very awaited album (their first released record since its predecessor ‘Currents’ which came out in 2015) deals with a relatable question that touches everyone. It’s good to know that Kevin Parker is as affected as we are by the passing of time. 

Australia’s best producer gives us access to a funky, groovy disco yet electro universe. A jump in the unknown for Parker who is slowly stepping away from his psyche-rockish’s roots. 

At TBC, we’re still very much amazed by the fact that Kevin Parker produces absolutely everything from the project Tame Impala. From writing the lyrics, to recording, interpreting and all the way to production, it’s all him & we like to picture him as a very crazy psychedelic scientist in his studio-lab whom we get to thank for the absolutely phenomenal songs he creates. 

Borderline, one of the jewels of the album concentrates the sweet bitterness of the late 70’s dance floors with an electric piano in the background divinely accompanied by panpipes below the spectral vocals of Kevin Parker. Of course, let’s not forget the lyrics about how Los Angeles would be – spoiler alert! – the kingdom of celebrity, sex, drugs, pleasures slash pains and life reevaluating questions. This specific version of Borderline in the album released last week is different from the one originally released in 2019. Kevin Parker wanted to make some transformations by making the bass line more prominent.

Lost In Yesterday is the only song in the album that has not been modified by Parker and produced in one go. It’s one of those songs that punches you right in the face because of its perfection, you have to take a moment and stop everything, sit down and take it all in.

On Posthumous Forgiveness, Parker discusses the complex relationship he had with his father, the same relationship that formed the backbeat of many of his older songs. Posthumous Forgiveness concentrates the vibrant melodies of the 60’s that his father enjoyed; a combo that gives birth to an ambivalent love song accompanied by the backdrop of nebula bass and dramatic synths.

Next: One More Year, whose very title takes us right back to the theme of his fourth album: the passage of time. Kevin Parker contemplates with emotion the length of the 12 months of a year on this song with a deep funk atmosphere.

With The Slow Rush, Kevin Parker addresses the eternal and ultimate enemy of every perfectionist: time. He struggles with time himself, considering the fact that The Slow Rush was born five years after Currents. This album turns out to be a real introspection about temporality and what is most unpredictable and nostalgic about it. Parker invites all of us to seize the present and take risks with our future because nobody and nothing is forever.

Kevin Parker is a real talent who can and has reinvented himself and slightly transformed his style without ever modifying the artistic integrity of his artwork. He is an artist who decided to shape pop music so it would match his incredible vision. We can safely say that this fourth project will only expand Tame Impala‘s audience. 

The good news is that you don’t even have to change your taste in music to truly enjoy Kevin Parker‘s creative spirit. It’s just there for you to listen and appreciate. 

PS: Tame Impala will be headlining the All Points East festival in London this summer and he will also be touring the US and Australia. For more information click here. 

Favorite songsBorderlineLost in YesterdayBreathe Deeper

Overall Score8/10


Original review written by Lilia Chebelaine, translated by Amelia Anouar

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