TikTok is undeniably one of the most powerful driving forces behind today’s sounds and voices, shaping the music tastes and listening patterns of Millennials and Gen Z alike. Songs uploaded to the app can jump to global hit-level faster than ever and turn artists you might have never heard of into tomorrow’s pop stars (quite literally) overnight.

Wondering what the latest TikTok sensation is? You are in the right place! What’s Poppin’? will keep you updated on the hottest (non-genre specific) tracks and the most popular artists coming out of the platform with weekly articles and monthly playlists.


How to start our brand new TikTok-focused feature if not writing about the track that dominated the app for the whole month of September? WhoHeem’s Lets Link had to be our opener. Self-released on August 20th, the track reached around 15,000 streams in the U.S in its first week thanks to its catchy hook and fun, light-hearted vibe. But it was only after it went viral on TikTok that the song earned 37 million Spotify streams (as of now) and was introduced into Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ chart.

Lets Link appeared on ‘messy TikTok’ (IYKYK) soon after the release of the song on streaming platforms. Millions of cheeky TikTokers quickly started to lip-sync to the now-iconic opening lines ‘I like you, I don’t give a fuck ‘bout your boyfriend / Come on, let’s link, can’t do what I do, I can beat it up with no hands’ and skyrocketed WhoHeem’s streaming tally to 7.87 million after only two weeks. But streams actually peaked when Lets Link inspired the popular #SidePieceChallenge, where guys and girls having secret affairs with people in established relationships exposed the cheaters. Yes, we know, we love ‘messy TikTok’ too. 

@alyssastalica2Welcome to messy tik tok, the vibes are immaculate😌 ##greenscreen ##greenscreenvideo ##fyp ##OnlineSchool ##foryoupage♬ original sound – Kr0yalty ✨

As a result of the global success achieved on the video-sharing app, Lets Link became WhoHeem’s breakthrough single, offering the 18-year-old rapper from San Bernardino (CA) the chance to turn his passion into a career. As he revealed to Genius, “I was just doing this for fun, and it ended up being my career. I graduated high school and was planning to study business or criminal justice. I wanted to be a real estate agent actually. Flip houses. I had a job at Amazon. Missed my first day because of meetings with label CEOs. So I never started.”

Now signed to Artista Records and Columbia Records, WhoHeem is currently riding on the wave of his Lets Link’s success, trying to get the most out of it. Not to waste momentum, the rapper recently released a remix of his viral hit featuring fellow TikTok star and self-appointed ‘filth queen’, ppcocaine (which stands for pretty pink cocaine, in case you were wondering).

Will this new track live up to the success of the original song? Will WhoHeem be able to become anything more than a one-hit wonder? Guess we will find out very soon. All we know right now is that Lets Link is a real hip-pop banger and we will keep playing it on repeat for at least a whole other month.

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