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“Bait main road, bro don’t know better
Looked at bro like, “It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”
He let that go like, “It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”
Bait main road like, “It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”
It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”

Do these lyrics sound familiar to you? Nope? You sure? Well, trust us, they will do, very soon. The chorus of Digga D’s brand new drill anthem Chingy (It’s Whatever) is about to blow up on TikTok (and everywhere else). So, if you live under a rock and you have never heard of Digga D or the #itswhatever trend before, just keep reading.

At only 20 years old, Digga D is considered to be one of the most promising drill artists in the UK. After forming the Ladbroke Grove drill group 1011 (currently known as CGM) in 2015, the rapper gained local buzz thanks to street anthems like Play for the Pagans and No Hook. But it was only the release of the Next Up freestyle on Mixtape Madness that brought the collective to the attention of mainstream media. The video quickly amassed 10 million views and became one of the genre-defining tracks of UK drill.

1011’s growing success also caught the Met’s attention due to the gang-related content of their music. As a consequence, 1011/CGM were banned from making drill music without police permission. Digga D was also arrested multiple times due to his part in street brawls with rival gangs around central London. Released last May after serving one year in jail, the rapper’s legal issues continued throughout the summer due to his attendance at a BLM protest.

Despite these tumultuous times, Digga D was able to confirm himself as one of the brightest voices of UK drill thanks to his bangers No Diet and Woi, which reached the UK Top 20 and Top 40 chart respectively. Released on October 15th, Chingy (It’s Whatever) is the perfect follow-up to the summer bop Woi and it has the potential to become Digga D’s most popular song to date. On the track, the rapper’s bold and unfiltered lyrics flow over the bass-heavy production by Itchy and showcase Digga D’s undeniable talent and distinctive flow. The catchy chorus and ad-libs make the song stuck in your head, while the video shot by Teeeezy C (and including a cameo appearance from fellow driller Unknown T) keeps things light-hearted by referencing the early 2000s track Right Thurr by none other than hip-hop star Chingy.


The chorus is so infectious that “British Tik Tok” has already jumped on it, launching the #itswhatever trend. Replicating the dance move that Digga D himself posted on his TikTok profile, over 9 million Brits have already used the original sound to ironically lip synch to the lyrics while pretending to be unbothered by their daily L’s.

“ When she calls you bro”
“It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”

“When your crush leaves you on delivered for one year”
“It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”

“When you spend all your money on food”
“It’s whatever, it’s whatever, it’s whatever”

Just wait until Americans find out about this…


@itsfakejayIt’s whatever…. ##fyp ##itswhatever ##diggad ##whatnext♬ Chingy (It’s Whatever) – Digga D

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